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Our services for potential exporters:

  • Preparing exploratory market research reports for potential export products,
  • Finding out potential importers and arranging B2B meetings with them,
  • Assisting clients to identify capable and dependable local partners and distributors,
  • Helping clients with preparing the sales contract and determining the convenient payment method,
  • Solving possible problems or disputes regarding shipment and/or payments.

Market Information for Exporters

There are countless export opportunities in several industries and miscellaneous products. Some of these industries are:

  • Construction materials,
  • Apparel,
  • All kinds of food and beverage,
  • Furniture, Home textile,
  • Electronics (home appliances, air conditioners, TV sets etc.),
  • Generators,
  • Processed petroleum products,
  • Chemicals,
  • All kinds of medical products.

With respect to their reconstruction and capacity building efforts, the Iraqi government has suspended all customs duties on imports since 2007 and only a reconstruction fee of less than 5% is applied on imports.

Almost 98% of Iraqi exports compromise of crude oil, natural gas or other hydrocarbons, processed or non-processed. E major specially in KRG the number of manufacturing facilities are very limited. Except for a couple of sizeable investments in steel and cement industry, there are no major production facilities.

In order to support few domestic industries, importation of cement has been banned together with 109 other products. Alsop pre-shipment inspection is required for certain imports; the updated list of this products can be checked at Bureu Veritas’ web site (