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Our services for Contractors

  • Company registration and establishment of branch,
  • Pursuing business opportunities and tenders on behalf of clients,
  • Assisting clients with submitting their proposals and interpretation of technical specifications of the construction projects,
  • Consulting services at each stage from signing of the contract to handover of the project, for companies that win a bid,
  • Assisting companies to get working and residential permits for their foreign staff.


Information about Contracting Services Market in KRG

In KRG, several government agencies call for bids for various projects including both infrastructure and superstructure construction projects.

Till the end of 2012, Turkish companies have undertaken more than 1000 construction projects and the aggregate value of these projects was nearly 30 billion USD. Turkish companies undertook 114 projects valuing 4.4 billion USD in 2012, alone.

Hence, Iraq, with a share of 16.5%, has been the second largest market Turkish contractors only after Turkmenistan, which had a share of 18.4% with nearly 5 billion USD worth of undertaken construction projects in 2012.

Besides, there are several Turkish contractors that operate under their local companies in KRG or serve as a subcontractor to local contractors. If add these two groups of companies to the picture, total annual value of construction projects undertaken by Turkish companies will be around 6 to 7 billion USD, which will make Iraq the largest market abroad for Turkish contractors.

Also, construction companies compromise almost %45 percent of nearly 2000 Turkish companies officially registered in KRG. Even this single figure alone indicates how promising the KRG market is for contractors.

Some of the major constructions projects undertaken by Turkish companies in KRG are: Arbil International Airport, Duhok Water Treatment Project, major road projects in Arbil, several sizable hotel, hospital and shopping mall projects.

However, companies that would like to benefit from the opportunities in construction industry offered by the KRG market are recommended to consider the following:

  • In order to offer their proposals and attend to the biddings, companies should register their branch office or establish a new company in KRG,
  • Companies are recommended to bid on government contracts directly. Especially local companies that claim they won a government contract and are looking for subcontractors should be examined very carefully before going into a partnership.
  • Turkish contractors that undertake a project are required to apply to the Office of The Commercial Attaché in Arbil if they are planning to bring their own machinery & equipment and staff from Turkey.

In addition to the government bids, KRG offers several investment opportunities for contractors. The real estate market in Arbil, which is promoted as future’s Dubai, and Duhok and its province Zaho, which is the closest residential area to Turkey are the suggested locations for investment projects.