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Company Name & Logo

Shedu, with its more frequently used name Lamassu, is a mythological creature depicted with a human’s head, eagle’s wing, lion’s body and bull’s leg. Being one of the most known icons in Middle East today, Shedu was the household protective spirit and the loyal protector of the cities. Shedus were placed as sentinels at the entrances of the houses and the opening of the cities, so that everyone who enters sees them.

The human head of Shedu symbolizes the wisdom; we share our knowledge and experience with our clients,

Eagle wings of Shedu symbolize the quickness and dynamism; we help our clients with adopting changing business environment,

 Lion’s body of Shedu symbolizes the courage; we support our clients to create new opportunities and develop their existing business,

Bull legs symbolize the endurance of Shedu, we target establishing long lasting partnerships with our clients.