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Our services for potential investors

  • Preparing the investment feasibility project (assessing the profibility of the investment, preparing pro-forma cash flow and income statement, analyzing the competition, determining the investment and net working capital),
  • In case of a favourable feasibility report, assisting the client with applying to the Investment Board for acquiring Investment Promotion License, finding out the convenient investment location in cooperation with the Investment board, short-listing the suitable investment partners upon request,
  • Helping our clients with recruiting local staff acquiring residential and working permits for foreign staff.

Information about Investment Opporutunities in Iraq and KRG

The investment promotion laws that are in force in Iraq and KRG have various features that will attract potential investors. Some of these are:

  • Income tax exemption for 10 years or more depending the size of the investment,
  • Allocation of investment location without any charge or with favourable rental agreements,
  • Customs duty exemption for machinery & equipment, office furniture  by-products and raw materials that will be solely used for the planned investment,
  • Cost of infrastructural arrangements required for the investment are covered by the regional government.

One of the most favourable aspects of the current investment promotion law is 100% foreign capital for investment are allowed, in other words, foreign investors are not required to find a local partner. Also, both Central Government and KRG offer several additional incentives for sizable investment projects that will employ certain number of local workers and transfer technology and know-how to Iraq.